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Anime :: Review : Death Note

One of the greatest Anime Plots ever comes from an Anime known as 'Death Note'. So far it is the best Anime that I have ever seen so far.
        IT FIRST STARTS OUT when Light Yagami Stumbles upon a Abnormal book called the "Death Note" which was purposely Dropped by a Death God which is known as a 'Shinigami'. The Shinigami then went to Earth To stay by Light until The Death Note was finished or until he rights him in the Death Note. Lights Shinigami's name is Ryuk. Lights new Goal in life was to Become "God of the Realm" because he asumed that he could kill anyone he wanted to, As long as he knew their Name and Face to write in the Death Note. On the First Episode he kills his first Victim. Which was a Bus Jacker. But it was actually a test to see if it actually worked. And it did, The Hijacker had a Heart - Attack. But he still wasn't sure, So he tested it on the Leader of the Bikers. The Leader was trying to rape a Pretty Girl off the Streets.

Official Rating: TV - 14 For Mystery | Suspense | Moderate Violence | Moderate Language
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Light Talks to Ryuk

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reveiw: Darker Than Black

What inspired Me To make Darker than Night?

The Anime that inspired me to make this was "Darker Than Black". Darker than Black was mainly about Lee Shangshun being a secret warrior. Lee is a Masked Fighter that had to fight of The Contractors. In the beginning of this anime, Lee Shangshun Chased a contractor onto a building. So were the police. Lee killed the Contractor known as. John? (IDK IF THAT IS HIS NAME) Later on Lee Rents a House next to the other Main Character of the story. (I also do not remember her name)

They are 3 Specified different kinds of Species. They are Humans. They are Contractors. They Are Dolls. Dolls are basically puppets that can see what is happening even in a far away distance. Kinda like a Mystic Being. Contractors are an evil force that I think destroyed all the real stars that are visible to earth. Those stars were Replace by Fake Stars.

I think this concludes my review of this Anime.

Official Rating: TV-14
Content: 2/3 Violence; 1/3 Suspense
Watch it on Netflix or on!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Darker than Night | S1 | E1 | Fear


                 I was walking. Very slowly down the sidewalk blinded by the rays of the star. I was frightened. I Didn't know who the people I would meet would be friendly or AWOL. Where I was going was to a school for creatures all over the universe, right here on earth. Earth is a nice spot to have this type of school. It is beutiful, with friendly inhabitant creatures. But I am not sure if the creatures in the school were strong or weak, young or ancient, friend or foe. I was Goshin. A race from the planet Exodus. We had to watch out for our enemies such as Nerokuis. Even when Turning Super Goshin, Maybe even Ultra Goshin, we wouldn't be able to fight them off. Only the legendary Goshin, would be able to take them.

                  Before I knew it, I was already at the gate. "Hello, I am here to enter the International Gateway. I am a Goshin. Here is my brochure." I said while pulling out my brochure. "Isn't earth a beautiful place?". The Guard paused a little bit. As if he didn't know what to do. But then, he took the brochure out of my hand. He looked at it as if he was searching for something. He gave it back to me and said "You are free to go." and then opened the gate. I walked in, seeing all the flowers, orchids and people holding hands.

                          I started to walk in the pathway, that eventually split up into 4 paths. "No Signs?" I said. To my rescue came a secretary. "Hi. Welcome to Ryoo High, The International Gateway.". "So. How many International Gateways are there?" I asked. "Only 10. And out of those 10 Schools, only certain types of species can join. Lets just say special people are allowed to come." She replied. The secretary was beautiful. I wonder if she is a Kaijen. They are very Delightful and Rough race. Many of the men were strong. She then said "Anyone entering the school has to go to this path. It leads you straight through the Registration desk, Principal Night is there giving everyone applications.". "Thank you." I mumbled.

                           I walked straight to the door. I was scared out of my mind. I had no clue why I was experiencing so much terror. I opened the door. And I saw a man with a visage of blue, sitting down. "Good afternoon! I am assuming you are here for enrollment. Here is the application. Please go to liberty Hall, which is right through that door." He pointed at the door on the right corner from me. I entered the room. And I saw many round tables. Each with about 3 people in them. Except for the one right in front of me, There was only one person. "Loner" I said.

 ---------- Half Time ---------

Darker than Night

- A Goshin can ascend to many levels and phases called transformations.

Base Goshin - Regular Form | Body Rates 100%

Super Goshin - Ascended Form | Body Rates 500%

Ultra Goshin - Ascendent Form | Body Rates 1400%

Darker than Night

- The Prophet tells of the Legendary Goshins Rate in The Legendary state to be

Uncontrolable State - Regular Form | Body rates 340%

Legendary Super Goshin - Ascended Form | Body Rates 980%

Legendary Ultra Goshin - Ascendent Form | Body Rates  2300%

-------- Half Time -------

                      So I preceded to walk to a table not knowing who to sit with, who to meet. As I was thinking I heard "You know lots of everyone here looks exactly like humans." Then I started to think if that was a good thing. Goshins looked exactly like humans. Because long ago, humans figured out how to wield powers and fly. The other humans who could not do those powers hated them. So they forced them out of earth and move to a new planet. And they found what is now Exodus, and called the people there, Goshins. Thats Goshin history. It's bizarre. Right about when I was going to sit down with a couple people, a girl flagged me down. And motioned me to come sit with her and a blondish guy.

                     I started to choke in my throat. The girl was beautiful. And the blue hair shined of you as a star shining off a planet. Glorious. I pointed my finger at myself and mouthed "Me?". She nodded. So, I decided to sit with her. After I sat down, it was like the voices in the air vanished. And then she spoke. "Hi. My name is Jasmine. But most people just call me Jazzy. What's your name?". I stood silent for a few seconds. Not knowing whether to speak or not. "Are you shy? There is nothing to be shy about. We are all people here. Nothing more.". "My name is Ke.. Kentei..." Right then I felt courage. "And most people here are a lot more than just people." I said making a little chuckle. "Oh sorry. Forgot that. Well, I was meaning about humans. See I am human and they allowed me in because just like back long ago, I developed a power. Healing." Said Jasmine. "I am interested to know what you are!". "I am a Goshin" I said gasping. "Oh. Then you are strong. No human today knows much about Goshins. Only the fact that they were humans." She said sounding interested. "You have no idea. The Goshins may look like Humans, but they act so much more. It's unbelievable." I Said.

                       Before I could say anything else. Principle Night came and told everyone they had 15 minutes before approval. So then I started to fill it out and said "Talk to you later ok?". She replied "Ok.". 
Name: Kentei Ryuga Age(Earth Years): 17 Age(Your Planets Years): 34. Exodus revolves around its star x2 slower than Earth. And a Goshins lifespan became x2 bigger. Place of Birth: Exodus.

                        Right when I finished the application, Princable Night collected all the applications. And gave it to A Woman and a Man. At their desk, (I can hardly see) in less than 1 minute got up and went up to the stage. "We will now tell you everyone on the girls side who made it into Ryoo High!" The women on the stage said. "That was quick." I said. Jasmine commented "Sure is. I just hope we both make it.". Everyone silenced at that very moment. The Women then started to call the names. How did they examine the papers so fast? Guess they are gifted.

                        Jasmine was scared. You could tell it by looking at her. She was shaking crazily. I thought she was going to go into a seizure. Until I heard the name:

Jasmine Masaki

                         Jazzy then stopped shaking a little. I grabbed her arm and said "You did good". The women stopped talking. And then the man began to talk. He said 10 names. Mine yet to be said. I didn't come all this way to be Rejected. I came to enroll. Little by little I felt scared. So scared. Until he said

Kentai Ryuga

                         The pain in my heart was relieved and I felt good. I felt invincible for a second. He said the rest of the names on the list. "Anyone who was not called please exit and wait until next year.". Everyone pouted and whined. But suddenly, 1/4 of the room was gone. And 3/4 of the room was silent.

Copyright. Rights reserved for Gogeta Hypez

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dragon Ball Legends

New Dragon Ball (Fan-Made) Series:

Me and my friends are creating a new Dragon Ball series called "Dragon Ball Legends". We are currently working on a saga called the "Atom Saga", which will also be a villain in my story "Hypez Legends Beware" which I am going to change the name here soon. But here is a short background:

Atom is Cells brother, Atom is to an android wanting to achieve his "Perfect Form" But first he must defeat all the Z warriors to achieve it. He does not kill or absorb all the Z warriors but later on after he achieve his Perfect form then SSJ5 Goku aggravates Atom to the point were he gets "Beyond his limits" (Like Cell did when facing SSJ2 Gohan) and kills Goten and gets SSJ5 Goku very angry and the Goku starts chraging Atom. Atom then takes his tail, opens it up. Then absorbs Goku making a deadly version of Atom called "SSJ5 Ultra Atom". Atoms gets Necrotic skin and then he sets forth his goal to murder thousands of people with his bear hands. He starts thinking how horrifying that would be so he laughs about what he will be doing. Now it is all up to Vegeta to take this monster down.
Gogeta Hypez/Me: Main Writer
Christ Card: Writer/Developer
Danny Quirarte: Drawer/Animater
And more people will be helping us down the road

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hypez: Legends Beware 3.1

Konan: Wow that was a pretty fun time at the carnival wasn't it?
Keita: Yeah! I had lots of fun yesterday!
[A sound occurs]
Konan: Did you hear that?
Keita: Hear what?
[An explosion appears in front of them as they walk down the street]
Konan: Watch out!
{Suddenly a strange looking man stands in front of a group of people with his hand sticking out. There is a large needle coming out of his hand pointing toward the group.}
Evil Man: Who wants to go first? (Says first sarcastically)
Man1: Please leave us be!
Man2: Don't hurt our families!
Evil man: Looks like we have some volunteers!
[Evil Man jabs his Needle into Man1, sucking all his energy and sucking the life out of him]
Evil Man: Hahahaha! This energy will be great for master!
Evil Man: Huh? Oh look who we have here! A boy and a Girl!
[Konan clutches Keita hand]
Evil Man: I will come for you later! Take your family and go, this boy and girl maybe some use than you worthless jokes!
Man2: Run!
Evil Man: Now children, come to big papa. i'll help you.
[Konan shoves Keita behind him]
Konan: Master Paku said don't talk to strangers.
Evil Man: Hahahaha! I will kill you both! NOW DIE!
Keita AAAAHHHHH! Oh no! Konan!
[Evil man tackles Konan onto the ground, almost as glued to the ground]
Konan: nnnyeeuggh
Keita: Konan no!
[Konan bursts a wave and knocks Evil man off his feet]
Konan: Run Keita Run!!
[Evil man Jabs Konan in the back]
Konan: AAA....
[Evil man covers his mouth so no one can hear him]
Keita: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
[Keita watches as Konan's body gets thinner and thinner]
Evil man: Hahaha! That was a lot of energy! Now its time for you!
Keita: No, oh no no no no no!
[Keita scared out of her mind runs as fast as she possibly could]
Evil Man: There is no escaping me. Die!
[Keita suddenly collapsed]
(Keita thinks to herself "Why you Konan? Now........ Now....... Your dead." sniffles)
Evil man: Why are you crying? Cause I killed your boyfriend? Haha pathetic!
Keita: We.... Never... Even.... Got.. a chance!!
Evil Man: Shut up!
[Evil man grabs Keita and slaps her in the face]
Evil man: I don't need you! Piece of trash! And before I kill you, I will tell you my name is Leon
[Leon throws Keita far away and throws a ball of destruction at her]
{Moments later}
Keita: (Sniff) Konan (Sniff). KOOOOOOOONAAAAAAAAN!
(Keita gasps)
Zodikai: Don't worry. Your save now.
Keita: Did Konan die?!
Zodikai: He'll be fine, we need to worry about what this.......... thing, is up too.
Keita: But. Didn't that guy suck Konan's life out?
Zodikai: First of all, That is not a guy. That is a Killing machine or monster. Second of all, Since I am Konans other half, I get to restore Konan energy. As long as his body is not destroyed then I can convert to my body.
Keita: OK.
Zodikai: Okay then, let's return to Master Paku.
{1 Hour later}
Keita: Master Paku!
Paku: Hello Keita!
[Paku and Keita hug each other]
Paku: Zodikai? What are you doing? Is there something wrong?
Zodikai: Yes, I am afraid there is a new enemy out there. And it is not just one person...... It is a whole army.
Keita: When am I going to see Konan?
Zodikai: A little bit just that you need to rest.
Paku: Here. Sleep in Konan's room. It will be better.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hypez: Legends Beware! 2.1

Just a note that in the title the first number in 2.1 is the episode number and the second number in 2.1 is the part. This goes for all the episodes.


Zodikai: PAAKUUUU!
Paku: (Gulps) Yes?
Zodikai: I warned you not to tell of me! Now you will pay
[Out of sudden Konan splits bodies with Zodikai]
Konan: No you won't!!
[Konan gives out a screech called Dragon Burst. And it knocks out Zodikai off the platform]
Konan: Don't you dare try to get up!
[Everybody else then relizes that Konan didn't look like a 5 Year old anymore, now he looks like a 16 year old.]
Konan: I never knew these Kokoro's could transform me into this!
Zodikai: Yes, The Kokoro's can transform a person into a powerful being. Unless somone has the strengh to pull them off other than the host.
Konan: I don't care! I'll give you ONE last chance to emerge back into me or I will kill you!
[Everyone gasps]
Zodikai: Even if you transform I am still way out of your leauge! Now I have some unfinished....
[Konan smacks Zodikai across his face and forces Zodikai back in him]
Konan: Last chance!
Zodikai: Fine! Have it your way! But, you will have to train hard then in order for me to stay in your body!
[Zodikai puts his arm on Konan's shoulder. Konan does the same]
Konan: Now I am going to take these off.
Paku: Wait! Remember what he said! Keep them on you will get better training with them on!
Konan: Fine.
Keita: My crush is a 16 year old? (Whispers softly)
Konan: But then i'll be stuck in this form for a while then.
[Paku and Konan continue training while Maya thinks sharply on why Konan possess Zodikai's power]
Keita: Hey Konan! Can you do me a favor?
Konan: Sure what is it?
Keita: After your done training, will you take me to the festival?
(Konan grunts softly)
Konan: Yeah but your mom will have to come.
Keita: That's okay as long as I am with you!
Konan: ...............................
Paku: Enough! Lets start!
{A few hours later}
Konan: Ready?
Keita: YEAH!
Konan: Okay let me take thse off.
(Konan reverts back into his old self)
[Konan takes them to the festival]
Konan: Hey uuhh by any chance do you have uuhh.
[Konan grabs Keita's hand]
Konan: A boyfriend?
Keita: NOOO!
Konan: Dang it!
Keita: What aren't you glad?
Konan: No! I was hoping you did so you wouldn't ask me out.
(Keita slaps Konan in his face)
Keita: Your not supposed to tell that to a...
(Her voice starts breaking up)
Keita: a Girl... unless you want to .... break her heart!
[Keita starts runnin g away from Konan and she hides in a pit of Playground balls]
[Konan runs after her]
{20 minutes pass}
[Konan finally finds her]
Konan: Hey I am really sorry about what I said earlier, I didn't mean it. I do like you as a friend.
Keita: (Sadly) Konan it's okay but i like you in a different way.
Konan: I know; and i am glad to have you as a friend.
(Keita cheers up)
Konan: You want to go see the last performance?
Keita: Sure!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hypez: Legends Beware!! Part. 3

Just a note to all you good people! This part has some words and thoughts that might disturb you or your child so please if this bothers you then please put it in the comments that you don't like it!! Thank you! I'll try to bleep some of it out to save you the trouble!!

Konan: Master Paku are you ready?
Paku: I'm ready anytime!!
Maya: Ready, set. fight!
[Konan Quickly draws out his sword, but it is not any sword. It is a legendary sword]
[Paku then leaps into the air and then he shoots out gigajowls out od his palm]
{Note: Gigajowls are a ki blast that will paralyze and knock back your opponent}
Paku: Eat this Konan!!
[Konan Leaping place from place trying to avoid the attack gets hit in the back from the attack then gets paralyze]
Konan: Haaaaaaaaa!; Haaaaaaaa!!; HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
[A force pushes away from Konan and then knocks Paku out of the air]
Paku: Carefull don't kill me!
Konan: (With greed) Ok i'll try not to!
[As soon as Konan hits Paku with his sword Keita shows up behind him, looking dazziling]
Konan: What the....?
[Paku smashes his head into the platform]
Konan: Ouch.. Oh god she is pretty
Paku: Never look away, you'll be at a disadvantage.
[Keita looks away feeling bad, But as soon as she did that she fell.]
Konan: .......
(Thinking: okay whatever I do I better do not look up or i'll see her...... )
[Paku picks Konan up]
Paku: Boy take a rest i'll need you in top form for the next lesson.
[Konan: Staring at her ...... ]
[Keita gets up and hides behind her mom]
Konan: ..............
[Keita gets nervous and she thinks thought Konan saw her underwear]
Konan: Keita? By any chance do you wear pink underwear?
Keita: You idiot! Your only 5 and your already looking at girls!! (Say's raging)
Konan: Sorry I just happened to see!
Keita: HHMMPPHH! Your already getting more action than me! We'll see about that!!
Konan: ............................
Paku: Okay Keita follow your mom.
[Keita walks off the white platform]
Paku: Now I want you to harnest the energy from your heart!
Konan: The only energy you'll find in my heart is Keita's!
Paku: ...................... whatever kid.
[Konan gets a white flow of energy that you can see]
Paku: This is new! I have never seen a white field of energy since a couple of days ago when Zodikai came out........
[Paku covers his mouth as soon as he said "Zodikai came out"]
Paku: Nothing Nothing!
Maya: Did you mean the legends of all legends! Zodikai the god of Hypez?!?!
Paku: No... No... No..!
Keita: Huh?
Konan: Who is Zodikai?
Paku: Shut up!!!
[Maya falls to the ground and asks herself "Konan possess Zodikai? I can't believe it!! I wish he was lying but Paku never lies!"]
Konan: What are you talking about? Whos Zodikai? Anwser me!
Paku: Zodikai is the God of Hypez. Hypez is an elite class of gods/warriors who fought great battles and always won. They were bad people untill Zodikai's brother Zedikaiya stood up to the Hypez. Zedikaiya won that battle but Zodikai found these special type of earings called Kokoro's. He put them on his brother and Zodikai also had a special Jacket called Kokara. He put that on himself, then they traded some of thier characteristics. Zodikai became good, and Zedikaiya became pure evil. Zodikai also inherited some of his brothers power. Zodikai was the strongest now! And then He took back his Kokoro's and fled the scene. Then Zodikai told me that he is trying to become good now. He was still mostly evil when he traded Evil for Good. Zodikai then wanted to become pure good so he traveled to a planet and he found your mom and dad. Your mom was having you when he came and precisly when you came out. He entered your body and became your other half. That's all I know! Are you happy now?
Konan: I can't belive it! Wait wait my head is hurting!!
Paku: OH NO!!!
[Zodikai starts taking over]


That's all for now if you want to read the exiting next episode then stay tuned!!